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Canadian Grand Prix | Immigrate to Canada with Fogarty Law FirmThe Canadian Immigration Applications website offers you highly qualified and dynamic professional legal services for virtually any situation relating to Canadian Immigration.  Our services are provided by the Fogarty Law Firm, located in Montreal, Quebec.

Immigration applications to Canada have become increasingly complicated over the years. If you attempt these on your own, you might be unhappily surprised by what lies around the next turn in the road. Drivers in the Canadian Grand Prix depend on their team for success. Let our experienced team at Fogarty Law Firm work with you to reach your Canadian Immigration finish line!

And please note: Fogarty Law Firm can assist you from any point of your case--even if you already started your own application.

As may be seen below, this site has been organized under main areas of interest.  You will find that for certain of these matters, more detailed information can be accessed through links to one of exclusive specialized websites.  We hope you will enjoy your visit with us and look forward to the opportunity of assisting you!











Fogarty Law Firm is ready to assist businesspersons who are interested in immigration to Canada as a Permanent Resident under the Investor or the Entrepreneur or the Self-Employed categories. These options are normally restricted to individuals with management experience who have net assets which meet certain standards.

We also provide assistance for persons who wish to work legally in Canada with a Work Permit on a temporary to medium-term basis. This service is available for qualified individuals all the way up to senior executives. Our services can be focussed on the needs of the employee, the employer, or both as desired. Depending on your experience and goals, we can plan for eventual acceptance as a Permanent Resident of Canada.

Find out more.  You owe it to yourself to visit our exclusive Fogarty Law Firm website.  Point your mouse here now:  Canadian Business Immigration Centre.


An individual may have several years of education and/or work experience, but not have acted as a business manager. If this is your situation, you may qualify for one of the Permanent Residency options as a Skilled Worker, whether in the province of Quebec or elsewhere in Canada.

Find out more.  Let Fogarty Law Firm analyse your situation and determine if you qualify to immigrate to Canada as a Skilled Worker. Contact us with the short form at the bottom of this webpage or, to provide us with more details, take a few minutes to complete our special Immigration (Skilled Worker) Contact Form and get started on your future right now!


Fogarty Law Firm is ready to help you sponsor your loved ones, whether as visitors or to reside in Canada permanently.

Take the first step to reunite your family. Please accept our invitation to Contact Fogarty Law Firm.

Below you will find a discussion of typical situations which might apply to you and your family members..

All-important Interview

An interview is often required in sponsorship applications.  In overseas files, these take place at the Canadian Embassy, whereas inland sponsorship interviews will be held at the local Canada Immigration Centre.

Experience shows that problems at the interview are a main reason for sponsorship refusals.  Applicants may be taken by surprise at the kinds of questions asked and the details expected of them.  When this is combined with nervousness or lack of familiarity dealing with government officials, the result is often disaster.

Be smart. Be prepared.  Fogarty Law Firm can help!

Opt for our professional interview preparation service or “PIPS”.  This service is available for any sponsorship file, even if you already started your case on your own..  The Fogarty Law Firm PIPS consists of one or more briefing sessions with the sponsor and the applicant.  (Applicants outside Canada participate by telephone.)  Together we review the file in detail and cover issues likely to be questioned by the Immigration officer.  In this way the applicant can prepare to provide truthful and detailed responses to the Immigration officer’s questions.  This service is beneficial for any case, and especially for persons who are nervous and/or are not used to being interviewed by government officials.


Bring your family member to Canada!  Fogarty Law Firm can assist in proper completion of all necessary paperwork (including special forms required by particular Embassies) for sponsorship of a spouse, common law partner, conjugal partner, or other family members.  We also provide experienced guidance to ensure all necessary supporting documents are in the file.

Inland Sponsorship

You can sponsor your spouse or common-law partner from within Canada and in some situations even if that person has no status in the country.  Let us advise you whether your loved one is eligible under this program.  Then we will explain the restrictions such procedures impose on your lifestyle, so you may decide if inland sponsorship is your best option.  Regardless of whether you choose inland or normal sponsorship procedures, Fogarty Law Firm can assist in preparation of all government formalities.

Same-sex Sponsorship

Same-Sex Sponsorship to Canada with Fogarty Law FirmCanada recognizes genuine marriages between same-sex couples provided that the marriage was legally accepted by the authorities in the place and on the date when the marriage took place.  Canada will also normally continue to recognize a same-sex marriage even if the law has changed in the location of the ceremony subsequent to the marriage.

In addition, Canada recognizes genuine same-sex relationships as eligible for sponsorship under the rules applicable to common law and conjugal partner situations.  Fogarty Law Firm provides guidance and assistance for your same-sex sponsorship throughout the process.

Humanitarian and Compassionate cases

Sometimes regular procedures may not be adequate because of the impossibility to meet necessary requirements, time considerations, family issues, the interests of children, or a host of other possibilities.  To deal with such realities, the only recourse may be to request approval of an application for general humanitarian and compassionate reasons.  Fogarty Law Firm provides experienced assistance for all such files, regardless of whether the person affected lives inside our outside of Canada.


At any time you are welcome to Contact Fogarty Law Firm.

Health Problems

In past years, if only one family member had a significant health problem, the permanent residency or PR application to Canada for the entire family would be refused in almost every case.  A major court decision in 2005 changed the rules opening up new possibilities.  Working in close association with a leading medical practitioner, Fogarty Law Firm can make a detailed assessment of your situation, help you to devise an action plan to deal with health-related problems, and make detailed submissions to the Embassy for the greatest possible chance of success.  A medical refusal need no longer be automatic!

Rehabilitation; pardons; return after deportation; US Waivers

Due to criminal activity or convictions outside or inside Canada, barriers may be put in place to obtaining legal status to visit, study, work in or reside permanently in Canada.  In such cases, it is necessary to apply for Rehabilitation for non-Canadian offences and for a Pardon for any convictions in Canada.

Entry may be barred into the United States for similar reasons.  In such cases, an application will usually have to be made for a Waiver. Where necessary, we will work in collaboration with our network of US immigration attorneys.

Finally, if a person has been removed from Canada or otherwise been obliged to leave the country, re-entry may not be possible in certain cases unless the client obtains an Authorization to Return to Canada (ARC).

Fogarty Law Firm has the necessary experience to handle any such case.  These matters are complicated and require very careful attention to every detail.  This includes preparation of all forms, as well as experienced guidance and support to collect supporting documents, letters and testimonials.


Admissibility hearings

We provide experienced assistance and advice in relation to any allegations made under Canadian Immigration rules.  Examples are:  failure to maintain residency requirements; failure to respect entrepreneur’s landing conditions; criminality and organised criminality issues.

Canadian Immigration Court | Fogarty Law Firm can assist you!Admissibility hearings take place at the Canadian Immigration and Refugee Board or in certain circumstances, before an Immigration Officer.  Clients sometimes do not understand the importance of a call-in notice they might receive, and think they are only going to a meeting.  In fact, such “meetings” may result in a deportation order!  Therefore, it is very important to seek professional advice before attending any meetings with Immigration Officers or at the Immigration and Refugee Board (IRB). 

Don’t take chances: Contact Fogarty Law Firm.

Detention reviews

If an Immigration Officer or Border Services Agent believes an individual is a flight risk or a danger to public safety, that individual may be arrested.  The person is then brought before an IRB Commissioner for a first Detention Review within two working days.

Having handled several hundred such cases, we provide the necessary counsel to the client and their family members and solid advocacy in court to argue effectively for the client’s release.  Fogarty Law Firm is ready to help. You can Contact Fogarty Law Firm.

Appeals at the IRB

Appeals to the Immigration and Refugee Board (IRB) on legal questions and/or humanitarian considerations are possible in matters such as: sponsorship refusals; loss of status (residency requirement, whether decided inside or outside of Canada); entrepreneurs (failure to respect conditions of undertaking); loss of status (criminality problems).  We have extensive experience to help you prepare and plead any such case at the IRB.

For more information, visit our special website Canadian Immigration Appeals.

Judicial review at Federal Court

Judicial review is a possibility for most cases of a negative decision in any Canadian immigration matter mentioned on this website.  First, leave (permission) must be obtained to attack the decision.  If leave is granted, a hearing will take place before a judge.  The goal is to have Federal Court cancel the decision and order the tribunal, department or embassy to re-evaluate the case based on the Court’s instructions.  This would be done by a different decision-maker.

Fogarty Law Firm has extensive experience in Federal Court applications, and can advise you whether judicial review is the best approach for your situation.  For more information, visit our special website Canadian Immigration Appeals.

Criminal accusations

We provide experienced assistance and support if a client is facing criminal accusations, whether under the Canadian Criminal Code or immigration legislation.

Stephen J. Fogarty of the Fogarty Law Firm has many years of experience representing clients before the immigration and criminal courts.  He thoroughly understands the risks and the interaction between criminal law and immigration law, and is recognized throughout the legal community for his competence in these important issues, having provided legal training to other attorneys and to judges on these problems for many years.


If you are in Canada and have no legal status, do not depend on friends or acquaintances for legal advice. Contact Fogarty Law Firm immediately for assistance. There may be options open to you, especially if you have not committed any criminal offence. For example, if you lost your status due to simple passage of time, such as expiry of a work, study or visitor permit, we can help you request restoration of your status. Also, if you are in a genuine relationship with a spouse or common-law partner (including same-sex), we can provide professional assistance for a sponsorship application.

The important point in all of this is take action as soon as possible, before immigration agents come knocking on your door! Do not delay. Contact Fogarty Law Firm now.

Times SquareIf you are in the United States or in another country, you entered illegally and you never obtained legal status following your entry, you will not be able to apply for admission to Canada from the Canadian Visa Office(s) serving that place.  You will have to make your application through the Visa Office(s) serving your country of citizenship or legal residence.

However, in certain cases it may be possible to apply for admission to Canada directly from the country where you now reside (example, the U.S.A.) even if you have no legal status there right now, and even if you entered there illegally, if at some point in the past following your last entry you had legal status there for at least one year.  Note as well that if you currently hold legal status in that country with a form of visa valid for at least one year, you will likely be eligible to apply from that country to come to Canada.

There are certain exceptions and conditions regarding these issues.

Remember to keep in mind your main goals.  If you were planning to leave the country where you have no legal status now, let us analyse your situation and determine your chances for acceptance in Canada.  If your case is strong, you can apply if necessary through your “home” Visa Office in your country.  Knowing that your chances of acceptance are high, you can feel secure about your future instead of living in fear and uncertainty and worrying about possible removal due to your current illegal status. Get started on your new life. Contact Fogarty Law Firm now.


If you are interested in studying in Canada, or already a student here, Fogarty Law Firm is ready to assist you. This can be for any Canadian province or institution.

Our services include guidance and help for all formal paperwork to obtain your first Study Permit, to renew your Study Permit, to obtain a Work Permit whether during your program or following graduation, and eventually if you qualify to apply for Permanent Residency.

We can even help you choose your course of studies and institution.

We also work with students who have special situations or difficulties after entering Canada.

Find out more. Visit our special website Study Permits Canada.



To learn more about these matters, we have an exclusive website waiting for your visit: Citizenship Applications Canada.

PR Card or “Maple Card” renewal – Maintaining PR status

Whether you are intending to become a citizen, or just maintain your Permanent Residency (PR) status, Fogarty Law Firm is ready to assist you.  If you are planning to travel outside Canada, in most cases you will need to obtain and then renew a PR Card, sometimes called the “Maple Card”, as proof of your status.

In addition, if your work or family situations require you to be outside Canada for extended periods, we can analyse your situation and provide guidance to help you maintain your PR status according to the legal rules.

Citizenship cases

Fogarty Law Firm provides complete legal assistance for Canadian Citizenship applications right through to swearing in as a citizen.

We also offer our professional interview preparation service or “PIPS” if the candidate is required to be interviewed by an official or to have a hearing at the Citizenship Court.

Visit our exclusive Citizenship Applications Canada website!


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